LS: Polymer Clay Roses- Baked minis



Exclusive dealer of Laura Schiller Designs minis and embellishments, we are happy to introduce this line of baked, polymer clay roses for egg-decorating or.. anything! they are awesome, strong colors with wire to attach and design with.

Packets all vary by number of pieces, colors and prices.

blue-violet-swirl pak 1 and 2
pink and white pack of 30
yellow roses, pack of 18
red roses 29 pieces
blue roses pack of 9 4 roses and greenery
pinks and yellows pak of 17
purple roses 14 pieces

Additional information

Rose Pak Selection

red-roses-set-of 29, yellow-roses-set-of-18, purple-swirl-pak-1, purple-swirl-pak-2, purple-blue-set of 14, pink-yellow-set-of-17, pink-whites-set-of-30, yellow-pink-set-of-17, blue-pak-of-9


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